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Big Hole River 6600 cfs—Maidenrock and rising

As cold as it was today it was surprising how many boats were on the upper river, and way up as far as Squaw Ck. bridge (Mudd Creek for the politically correct) It was raining up there, snowing and the wind was blowing. I saw one guy in a raft floating down with a huge umbrella held over his head. His buddy was trying to fly fish and was having a bit of a problem trying to cast. The few guys who floated from Divide down came back with great reports on the streamer action in that section.

Hard tellin how much higher the river will get and it depends on how much more rain we get. The weather pattern is for unsettled conditions well into next week. High temp for tomorrow is forecast to be only 47 with snow level down to 5000 feet. I did hear that summer this year was going to be on a Saturday and to last all day. Salmon flies will be about August 10th.

Visibility is still very good.


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