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SW Montana fishing update

April came and went, and we are barreling towards a busy summer in southwest Montana.

The Big Hole doubled in a day after 70+ degree weather on Friday, and the clarity has decreased to less than 6″. Water temperatures Melrose and below have surpassed 55 degrees, with just slightly lower temps up high. We have seen skwallas and caddis through to Jerry Creek, and did have some good fishing on dries before the water came up. We are hoping that the cooler nights in the forecast will help to level off the rising flows, and clarity should improve. Look for improving fishing conditions in the coming days, the streamer bite should be great. Fly recommendations include: CH Yellow Yummy #4, JJ Special, Kreelex Copper/Gold, Pink worms, Prince Nymph #12, Pats Stone #10, #16 Rocky Mt Mint – Olive, Fat Frank – Olive, Brown Gypsy King.

The Beaverhead River is finally starting to get some water back in it after being maintained at winter flows out of the dam. It might get a little dirty while it is on the rise, so bring your worms and sow bugs. Fish should be eager to chase streamers too. With warm days in the forecast, we may begin to see the caddis come off later in the week. The river, above Pipe Organ, remains closed until May 15.

We are open seven days a week, and running shuttles daily. If you are looking for late afternoon shuttles, please give us a call in the morning to arrange.


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