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Fishing report: April 5th, 2019

The Big Hole

The fishing is finally coming around for us over the last week or so. The river is still frozen from East Bank up to Jackson, but the lower sections are starting to break free which is also causing some spikes in water levels throughout the day as well as temperature drops.  The Big Hole is still very cold and the fish do not seem to be moving far or fast, but we are still getting good fish on the dredge using zonkers, big hole crawlers, and vanilla buggers.  There have been a few midges hatching during the warmest parts of the day, but rising fish have been few and far between.  The nymphs have been par for the course, with #10 brown/green pats stone with a San Juan worm, BWO, or a prince nymph off the back.  The river seems to be fishing better the farther away from the ice you fish.  The stretches from Maiden Rock to the Notch are seeing warmer water temps and more productive fishing.

The Beaverhead

I fished the Beaverhead with Travis yesterday from about 1030 until 4 pm.  We floated from Pipe Organ to Grasshopper.  The water was low, but easy in the raft.  The fish were spooky but we had some great chases and Travis wrangled one good fish on the Rusty Trombone….its an articulated streamer, do NOT google.  The water temps were low and the Grasshopper was pumping the red mud which is why we did not continue to Barretts.  We did see a great blue wing olive hatch and saw 5 different fish rise, but with little consistency.  The water was clear and weed free which is always a bonus of early spring fishing.  We did not try any nymphs but the word on the street is that a pearl lightning bug behind a red/pink worm is not a bad rig for meat stacking.

The shop is open and the streamer bins are stocked.  Come see the new patterns, get a shuttle, or just shoot the poo with us.  We are open from 9-4


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