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Bad Weather = Great Spring Conditions

The river has been dropping for a week due to our cold weather.  The hatches seem to be at a stand still, waiting for the sun to come back out, including the caddis and BWO’s.  The best fishing has still been underneath, despite the brief window of dry fly action early last week.  We are still doing well on stone fly nymphs, San Juan worms, and nymphing small streamers.  The best bite for us has still been the light colored streamers on the dredge, no twitch.

Yesterday I went out with a couple buddies, and fished the closed section above Mudd Creek in order to avoid the guide hatch that has been flooding the upper river lately.  The weather was particularly terrible with winds gusting up to 35 and holding a steady 20 mph in our face….alllll day.  The river was in good shape, and the browns were willing to eat hard on the dredge.  We only caught 10 fish, but our average brown was fantastic.  Here’s a couple pics of what we found up high.  The big one was 24 inches on the tape, amazing fish!

Over the weekend, the Beaverhead river had its opener, and it looks like the upper river fished well.  The blue wings have been bringing fish to the surface and the streamer fishing has been fantastic.

In other shop news we have a new batch of spring kittens!  Their mother was hit by a car last week and we have been bottle feeding them until they can feed themselves.  Lia is going to be guiding the Smith starting tomorrow, so if anyone wants to help feed some kittens come on down to the shop.  We have our new order of hats and shirts in as well, come see what is new.

Additionally, we have new neighbors! The Blue Moon Trading Post opened its door for business on Saturday May 18. We are thrilled to have a new business here in Divide. Be sure to swing in for ice, firewood, delicious coffee, baked goods, beer, wine, soda, snacks, ice cream and gifts…the whole deal. They are open 6 AM to 6 PM and will also have river lunches! 


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