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What A Day

Big Hole River 410 cfs Beaverhead River 924 cfs—-you might get a headache going under that bridge

The dry fly fishing this morning was absolutely incredible. There are times when you go down the river and you wonder if there are any fish in it at all. This morning it was like, where did they all come from. Big ones, small ones, browns, rainbows and even a couple of the highly sought after whitefish. The bigger browns were in skinny water and there were a lot of them. Every thing was caught on top water with patterns that included elk hair caddis, blond wulf, stimulators and a couple others. There wasn’t mush changing patterns as we didn’t have to. At times we would try a different pattern just to see if they hit it also. We caught enough fish by noon to last for a week–cathcing not keeping I might add.

The New Blue Moon next door is nearing completion. When finished that place will be the jewel of the valley. Larry and Ann Bugni have gone all out on it. Along with the bar there will be a full resturant. The back bar came out of the old Rocky Mountain Bar in Meaderville which was at one time part of Butte. Meaderville has long since been swallowed up by the Berkley Pit. They look to have it open in about two weeks.


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