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Big Hole River 7800 cfs Maidenrock

With the rising river it  is getting to the level where it is marginal getting under Browns Bridge. You can get under it on the far right side but if you intend on pulling out there, you are screwed. Be a good idea to avoid that stretch for know.

Also I would suggest all hard boats especially low  sides to stay out of the Dewey Canyon. If you have a raft and are good on the sticks and want a thrill, put your life jacket  on and shoot the canyon.

If you intend on getting out at Divide, there is no way to portage the dam now and you will have to shoot it.

My honey  hole is pretty much washed out but I threw a caddis pattern in a gap in the willows just for the hell of it. Instantly a 14 inch rainbow nailed it and wrapped around the willows. So if you can find some back water, it will fish. Visibility on the upper river is reported to be fairly good. It is fishing, not real good but fishing.


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