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Veterans Day

Three Vietman Era veterans. Myself, Bobby and Art. Three veterans who are passionate with having fun in fishing with a fly. On this special day please remember all veterans past and present. As I said before, when you are traveling and happen to encounter a man or woman in uniform, take just a second and say thank you. You have no idea what this means to them.

The shop is basically closed for the season but if you need a shuttle or flies, call us or knock on the back door.

As for me I will be heading for Andros Island first part of December. Looking forward to it and giving you all reports from there.

A couple days ago I got a call from a warden from FWP.  Someone called them and accused me of baiting bears with apples and using a trail cam. I told the officer you gotta be kiddin me. The ground below my apple tree as well as my neighbors was literally carpeted with apples. I told him I had absolutely no intention of shooting that bear. He did inform me that using a trail cam during hunting season is illegal, which I did not know. Oh well, learn something new every day. Due to a couple recent burglaries in the area I’m considering putting up a security system on my property with a camera. Now would that be illegal also?


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