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The Joulters

Tried to do a report yesterday but couldn’t get online and there is a lot to report. First I’ll start with our day yesterday up at the Joulters. These flats are off the northern tip of Andros Island and extend for over twenty miles. As you look out over these flats they extend for miles and miles with water barely a foot deep. There are channels here and there with some that just go nowhere and then are no more. Herman took us to the very northern tip of the Joulters and into this channel where the bonefishing was absolutely incredible. I could go on about the numbers and size but I will just say it was awesome.

This morning Jim and I went up Fresh Creek and we were both thinking that it didn’t matter what we found it couldn’t compare with yesterday at the Joulters. All morning we only saw a couple bonefish but in the afternoon with high tide things started happening. Jim nailed a couple bones on this flat and even a mutton snapper. While he was reeling in the snapper a cuda came along and bit it off just below the head. We had the cuda rod rigged up and I told Jim to cast that needlefish fly in his general direction. The fly hit the water and instantly the cuda had it and we had him. Teach him to eat our snapper. We went to another flat with the sun and wind at our backs and it was almost as good as the Joulters. Jim was on fire as he was hooking up constantly. A couple years ago he was having his doubts about his bonefishing capability and even last week he was unsure about it. With some coaching from myself and especially Herman he is now in the groove with seeing them and casting to them.

I took Dan and Nancy Delekta to the airport early this morning for their trip back to Montana. This was their first trip to Andros and it won’t be their last. They spent many days with Herman all over the island and caught numerous fish and big fish. When I left them at the airport Dan just said he found his place in the sun where the fishing is superb and the people are too.

Hank went out yesteday with his off shore boat which is a 23 foot diesel powered Mako named “Miss Eva”. Now I don’t know if he is telling the truth but he said they caught a 30 pound grouper and a 45 pound wahoo along with several barracudas. After I sneaked a peak into his big freezer in back of the resturant, I knew he wasn’t lying. When he goes out with that boat it’s for the sole purpose of having fun and bring home the meat. Hank who is sitting next to me in his office also reminded me that the Miss Eva is available for Charter. For info on this call Hank at 242-357-2214 or e-mail at


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