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The End of Big Game Season, Time to hunt for steelhead

Hunting season has come to an end, and with it, the rivers have frozen over and the fishing is in limbo.  Too early to go out on the ice, and too late to fish the rivers…(excluding the Missouri, Big Horn).  The shop closed down on the first of November and we have been counting inventory and making our orders for next year, and also getting out after some elk.

I think that this year was a great first year, considering that it was the lowest water year on record with the hoot owl restrictions being put in place 3 times between June and September.  We had to cancel a few trips because of the smoke in August as well.  Regardless of the struggles, we had a small, trustworthy army of fisherman (and women) who helped us have a good year.  There are many people who deserve thanking, but off the top of my head I would like to thank my wife, Lia, John Fetter, Al Lefor, Bobby Baldwin, Art, Kelly Kimzey, Travis Thompson, Mark Thompson, Wade Fellin and and Big Hole River Lodge, the Kambich family, Nicole Thompson, Bernard Kailey, Kyle Rouche, Blaine Huntley, Jeremy Gneiting, Justin Hartman and his TLA crew, and a slew of others who have been amazing all year.

The good news is that Lia and I both were lucky enough to put quite a bit of meat in the freezer between the elk and the ducks.  Al and I will continue to post throughout the winter.  I have recently been asked to be on the board of our new TU chapter in Beaverhead County, and will be keeping everyone updated on the status of the Beaverhead and Big Hole as we move into next year.  If anyone has any questions or concerns that they would like me to bring up at our next meeting, feel free to reply and I will make sure it is seen.  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with your families and loved ones, now lets pray for snow!

We were lucky to find an excavator at the road after we drug this bull down. Sure makes loading easy! (Thanks Danny!)



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