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Summer dries

Summer continues to roll by on the Big Hole. The river is still at above-average flows for this time of year, but it is dropping pretty quickly. Floating season above East Bank has pretty much wrapped up for the time being. If you’re coming in a hard boat, it is probably best to stay below Divide.

For those looking to dry fly fish, the mornings and evenings have been the most productive. Trout have been active on pink chubbies, likely eating them for a nocturnal stone. There are still some PMD’s around until about 11 AM. A few tricos have even been spotted at various spots along the river. It shouldn’t be too long before we have steady trico hatches in the mornings. Into the evening the caddis are still coming off. Afternoons are forecast to be bright and hot for the next few days, so either take a nap, or be prepared with some nymphs underneath your dry fly.

COVID UPDATE: Effective July 15, Governor Bullock has mandated that masks or other facial coverings be worn inside retail businesses. We will be requiring all customers to wear a mask to enter the shop. Please continue to be respectful of social distancing while visiting the shop. Hand sanitizer is available outside the door, and at the counter.

We realize many anglers will be headed out for early morning floats to try to escape the heat. We can accommodate early morning shuttles by either, 1. calling your shuttle in the day before or 2. using the outdoor shuttle box, fill out a shuttle sheet, and slide (with payment) through the mail slot in the front door.

Recommended flies: #14/16 purple haze, #12 pink chubby, Ninchs Peanut – Pink, #16 Twisted Baby tan/brown, #16 Miracle Caddis, #16 Tiltwing Dun #6 Black Bugger, #8 Beldar Bugger – Olive, #8 Sculpzilla (Olive or Black), #8 Zirdle (Olive) #16 Prince Nymph, #14/16 FB PT, Soft hackle nymphs, Hackled Dazzler


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