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While I have been on the subject of snowmobiling and getting stranded in the mountains I thought I would throw out a few scenarios to see what you would do if you were caught in this situation.

Say for example you were snowmobiling by yourself high in the mountains and having a grand old time when all of a sudden you run out of gas or your machine has a major malfunction and it’s starting to get dark (don’t ever do this but let’s just say you were dumb enough like me and did). What would you do?

Option #1 You know for a fact there is a Forest Service cabin up the trail about a mile or so and has a wood stove in it but the trail is fairly steep. Should you head for that cabin?

Option #2 Stay where your at, build a fire, get as comfortable as possible and wait until tomorrow morning when hopefully someone will come looking for you?

Option #3 Start walking out even that you know it’s at least eight miles back to your rig but is mostly down hill?

I would love to read some comments as to what you think would be the best thing to do. Remember this is potentially a life threatening situation so think very seriously about it.


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