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Big Hole River 2250 cfs and dropping Beaverhead 88 cfs (Clark Canyon Dam is filling up) Missouri 6270 cfs (below Holter Dam)

Amos and Allie (my two big mutts) and I spent a couple hours this late afternoon watching the rainbow’s and cutthroat jumping over the diversion dam just below the house. There were so many of them that I called Art at the shop and told him he had to come over and watch this. There were a couple really big bows and we were amazed at how may cuts we saw.It’s amazing what force drives them to try over and over until they finally make it over. The river is shaping up with about two feet visibility. We have to make a quick R&D trip tomorrow to get ready for a guided trip the next day.

My roving reporter on Andros Island just e-mailed me with today’s happenings there. They went up to the back reaches of Fresh Creek which I mentioned yesterday. While they call these things Creeks, they are anything but. They go miles and miles into the interior of the island and are a maze of flats, channels , mangrove islands and bays. Tony and his son Sean had a chance today to get the Grand Slam up there which is bonefish, tarpon and permit. They caught several bonefish and hooked into one tarpon and lost him. Several shots were made at the elusive, spooky permit with no hookups. He said the wind was blowing quite hard and they were both humbled with their ability to deal with it. Just to get the chance to make shots at the big three there is a feat in itself. This all took place within a 200 yard so called Honey Hole. Things were happening all at once and they were changing fly’s and rods according to Herman’s eagle eye on the tower. Just reading his report I could envision myself being there and what fun.


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