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Southern Caribbean adventure 2016

Today is our first full day on the island of St Lucia. The weather is fantastic, 85 and breezy. This morning the crew, made up of Lia, Cynthia, Dr Dick, Alex, Amanda, and myself, are getting the essentials together for the trip to Grenada. The boat is a moorings 4600, and we are fitting it to carry 3-4 lines for trolling and casting. I think that we have the right gear, but I am going to be out of my element cruising the open ocean.

Today we are not going to be leaving sight of the island. We will be cruising south, fishing the west side of St Lucia, targeting snapper and shallow water fish. We will be hitting some deep blue as well, but only for a short time. I will be posting our triumphs and tribulations for the next two weeks. Picures of the boat and crew to be posted this evening/tomorrow morning.

Stay warm friends


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