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It was sure good to see some big bugs flying around today! we saw at least 10 skwala adults on the river today! We floated divide down to maiden rock, and from the time we threw the boats in, until the time we pulled the boats out we saw skwala adults. Naturally we put the buggers back in the box and decided to sling some stonefly dries!!! Well, this tactic came with mixed results. We had some eats up top on the big bug, however all of these fish were small. So for the majority of the day we stripped buggers. This proved to be much more successful! Black and olive seemed to be the ticket, along with the infamous stinky san juan. well ill be heading up river tomorrow, hopefully some of the toads will focus their attention up top! sorry i havent posted a report for awhile, i took a trip to the north platte in wyoming. That river is something else, ill just leave it at that!


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