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Searching For New Water?

Al is the expert on Montana rivers and lakes. He could probably tell you twenty different places to wet a fly within fifty miles in one breath. But I think the rest of us get caught in location ruts. We fish the same rivers and streams over and over again because that's what we know. We would fish some of the other locations, if only we knew about them.

Well, Montana FWP has the answer to the eternal question – “Where should I fish this weekend?”. They have the Montana Fishing Guide, which allows you to search for waters within a specified range from a list of cities, or within a given region of the state. You can also perform keyword searches for bodies of water.

When you find the river or lake you're looking for, they provide useful information pertaining to the fishery and allow you leave a rating of the water, along with any comments. Pretty slick. The more I visit Montana's FWP site, the more I'm impressed.


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