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Saltwater Fly’s

Different flats on Andros Island sometimes require different fly’s. For example if you make the trip to the west side, the native guides like to use bigger bonefish patterns such as a #2 Crazy Charlie, Gotcha or a bunny pattern tied with barbell eyes. We have actually caught fish over there that were going away from us and when they heard the plop of the fly, turned around and ate it. In some of the inlets and creeks the opposite apply’s. On some of these flats the fish are in very skinny water and really spooky and if you plop a fly any where near them, they are gone. In these waters I like to use #4 Gotcha with no eyes, (as suggested by Herman and Bonefish Bradley). When presented properly this fly makes very little disturbance on the water. Also many of these flats have sporadic spots of coral and a weighted fly will snag up on it. This has happened to me several times when I saw a big bonefish coming for a long way and laid the fly way out in front of him in hopes of ambush. When the fish got near I did a strip, the fish turned for it, another strip and I,m hung up on a piece of coral with the nose of the fish right on the fly and there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it except swear and cuss at that piece of coral and how the fish gods are not cooperating today. With a fly with no eyes this is less likely to happen.

On the Joulters you will want bigger, weighted fly’s with you as sometimes the guides will have you fishing in deeper water.

Needlefish and popper patterns are my favorite for Barracuda and I have had the best luck with the Needlefish, bigger the better. These things can be a bit tough to cast so a 9wt rod is best.

Cochroach pattern is a favorite of the locals for tarpon but the couple that I have caught have been on a chartruese and white Clouser. A Clouser will also work for Mutton Snapper and Horse-eyed Jacks. One evening we were lucky enough to get into a school of Jacks that were feeding on shrimp in a channel on the outgoing tide. The way these things were feeding they would have hit on anything but we just happened to have a clouser on. Jim hooked a big one and that thing immediately took off for Nassau and never stopped. If you hook into one of these freight trains, you better have a lot of backing.

Take a couple crab patterns along if you go to the Joulters for permit. There aren’t many there but they are huge.

These are just a few patterns which will help you to have fun in the sun.


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