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Salmon Flies Spotted on the Big Hole River!

Not unlike the fabled Big Foot, salmon flies have been spotted in several different areas on the Big Hole River.  As you all can imagine, the word is getting out fast.  I don’t believe anything I hear until I spot the western tanagers.  The birds have shown up in force, and if there is anything the valley has taught me over the last 15 years, it is that the birds are always on time.  The first bugs spotted were on the upper river near Fish Trap, which is contradictory to the school of thought that tells us that the bugs always move up river.  I think that this anomaly can be attributed to the fact that the water in the upper valley is warmer, and the sun is on the water longer.  I fished the Dewey Canyon yesterday, and did well on silver/white, and gold/white streamers, but only saw a few rises, and I only witnessed a few shucks.  Other reports from the lower river said that they had seen salmon flies at Maiden Rock as well.  Either way, they are here, we are busy, and the season is officially in chaos mode.  I will update this post tonight or tomorrow morning with proof and pics.

Stop by Great Divide Outfitters for the latest update on the bugs whereabouts, grab some ice, wood, and a shuttle, and have a great weekend!  Happy hunting folks!


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