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Pleasant Day

The warm wind was blowing up the river and it was a pleasure just standing outside in shirt sleeves and taking it all in. The wind gusts were getting a bit strong but this is also a good thing. During this time I go out in the yard along the fence where all the leaves have accumulated since last fall, take a rake and with a smooth powerful stroke like in golf toss them in the air and like magic their gone. This eliminates the piling and hauling off or burning them—works for me.

While at the shop today Art was showing what he has packed and ready to go. I stared at his stuff for awhile in awe. Every thing was in it’s special place along with the ironed shirts folded to perfection. When I got home I looked at my open bag laying on the couch. It contained flats boots, a few pair of mismatched socks and one single sock that holds my extra pair of polarized sun glasses. The shirts were balled up tight (so as to take less room) but the pants were rolled up a little better. There was a scattering of items in the bottom which have been there for at least the last five trips but one does not want to get rid of them because you never know when you will need em. There are traces of the conch I brought back last time which the airlines lost for a week. Upon a close sniff inspection it seemed to be ok but the dog wouldn’t come near it.

Guys who stopped in the shop this afternoon said they did very well fishing with nypmhs today.

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