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Out To Pasture

I would like to thank all for the comments and emails on my retirement and sale of the business.

I’m not entirely hanging it up. I will still be doing some guiding and helping out at the shop when needed.  I have some clients that are completely spoiled and won’t go with anyone but me. I keep telling them that these younger guides work a hell of a lot harder than I do. Some have been with me for almost twenty years.

I have complete confidence that Craig, Lia and John will will do a great job. I’m trying to convince Lia to get her guides license. She can row a boat and cast a fly as good as any guy. Plus she is attractive and has a great personality. Also women who are beginner fly casters would feel much less intimidated if she was guiding them. So what do you all think ?

I’m leaving tomorrow for Andros Island. and who knows when I will get back. I will be doing posts from there also so don’t worry Erik.


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