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Ocean Flats


Today we  went further  north to a huge ocean flat and the fishing was good. Low tide was 10:30 am today which is perfect for these flats. The fish there were aggresive and literally charged the fly. This flat  is easy wading and goes on forever. Most sightings were of single  fish and  there  were no small ones. Morten saw a school of  about ten.

Tide will be good the  next few days for these flats. Tomorrow we will go further north to  another flat I have  fished several times and usually have good success.

These flats are on  the  east side  of  the  island and the wind  has been 15 to 20 out of the east and forecast for the  same next few  days. You just have to  deal with it. Low side arm cast works best  for  me.


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