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Ocean Flat

Find The Fish

Current temp: 80  Wind E8

Took a long walk on a ocean flat yesterday.  Low tide was about noon so that  was  perfect conditions to go there. Head there about an hour before low tide  and catch them coming out of the creek. At low slack start heading way out toward the reef. I went to a small blue hole I knew about. At low tide the water is about a  foot deep around it. For the hell of it I cast my bonefish fly across it. Firts  cast I got a blue runner.  Next cast I got a mutton snapper and the next three casts produced mutton snappers. I was a long way from the truck so I released all of them. Hated to do that as steamed mutton snapper is hard to beat. I have a plan that involves Gogie to go there and bring back a few nice ones.


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