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Lots Of Water

Big Hole River 4200 cfs—-Maidenrock

The river has already been higher than it was all last season. It peaked last year at only around 3500. I notice this morning it is dropping considerably. With the cold weather predicted for the next couple days it should continue to drop.

A couple days ago we took a drive to the upper  river and Wisdom. The ice flows that were coming down were quite impressive. There were a couple spots where it was  still froze but by now the entire channel should be open. There were some ice chunks that were twice the size of my truck.

If it continues to drop it should start fishing next week.

I suppose it’s time to start to predict the max flow for this year. That is still over a month away. When making your prediction, remember the snowpack in some places is as high as 170% of average. It could surpass the  flow of 1997 when it reached 14,000 cfs. Or if it stays fairly cool as predicted it could be much less. Be interesting to see what some of your predictions are.


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