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Lot’s of Ink

Since I found that Google Earth and downloaded it I have been making the ink manufacturers very happy. I have copies of almost every part of Andros Island from ten miles up down to the point where I can pick out a mangrove about fifty feet in diameter in the back country where Herman and I fished in December. I found blue holes which I have gone right over with the boat and and had no idea they were there. I swear that in a couple places I could see schools of bonefish. Perhaps that’s getting a bit carried away but what the hell, let the imagination run. I was pretty proud of myself when I found the tool that measures the distance from one point to another. For example, from Behring Point going through the North Bight to the West Side and coming out at Little Loggerhead is just short of 30 miles. This is an area we went with Herman last year. You could spend a month in this area and not fish in the same place twice. We would see “muds” that were at least a couple acres in size. For those of you who are not familiar with this term, that is where large schools of bonefish are rooting on the bottom feeding. For some reason Herman wouldn’t stop to check these out and do some blind casting into it. Perhaps because sight fishing is his forte. This year however we are going to change that as I could care less if I saw them before the hookup as long as I get the hookup. His main concern though was getting to the far West Side.

I got so wrapped up in this thing that I even upgraded to Google Earth Plus. This is where you can get waypoints, paths and such on your GPS. This was kind of stupid though on my part as I don’t even own a GPS. I might get one someday and learn how to use it and then I’ll be ready.

Again I’m really looking forward to fishing with Dan and Nancy Delekta over there. After talking with Nancy last night she said they are really getting fired up. She said Dan has tied up enough fly’s to start a fly shop over there.

One of my goals on this trip is to hook up with a black tip shark on a fly rod. I have made numerous casts to them and had them turn on the fly and follow it but never a hookup. This fact was kind of interesting to Dan and I can’t wait to see the pattern he comes up with to get them to eat it. We might have to cheat a little bit and hang a slab of Bahamian baloney on the fly, that’ll get em.


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