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June is here!

Spring went by quickly, and the official start of summer has arrived. The Big Hole is back on the rise after dropping earlier in the week. We have been receiving rain on a daily basis, which has brought the flows up to 4,700 at Maiden Rock. The river still looks great, and we have been seeing float traffic spread out across the whole river. In the past few days most fish have been caught on nymphs and streamers. There are still a few caddis around, as well as some BWO's. However, we are not seeing many fish looking up for dry flies. The faster water, Jerry Creek down, has been producing some nice streamer chasing fish. This is fun fishing, but a little more work on the oars! If you want to float easier water, stay on the upper river where flows are currently at 3,800 cfs (Dickie Bridge). Recommended flies:

  • Sparkle Yummy - Yellow

  • Kreelex - Coper/Gold

  • Rusty Trombone

  • Perdigon: Tan/Light Olive, Pearl/Fluorescent Orange

  • Yellow Spot Tungsten Jig

With the news of declining trout numbers hitting the news, we wanted to remind all anglers of a few things you can do while you are fishing in and around SW Montana:

  • Pinch those barbs! The faster you can release the fish, the better their chance of survival is.

  • Avoid over-handling of fish, use a net and keep them wet!

  • If you notice a fish with lesions or any abnormal growths, take a photo and note the location of where the fish was caught. Send this info to the regional biologists.

It appears the the Jerry Creek boat ramp is almost completed. We will check it this evening and see what the progress looks like. Divide boat ramp looks like it is close to receiving asphalt. For now though, both ramps remain closed.

The shop will be open daily from 7:30 to 5 PM, and available for shuttles. If you plan on floating late, and need a shuttle, please call us early in the day to let us know!


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