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July on the Big Hole

The heat of the summer is upon us. The big bugs of the spring are dwindling and we are seeing some of the small bug hatches begin in force. The PMD’s have been a staple in the morning for the last week along with caddis, brown drakes, and what’s left of the golden stones in the Dewey canyon. The streamer action has been very good when the cloud cover allows it. Our best streamers have been our old school streamers including the black bugger, sculpin patterns, and copper zonkers being pulled through the medium to fast riffles. The nymphs have been hit and miss. The pheasant tail and prince nymphs have been reliable with PMD nymphs and psycho may flies under a chubby or a small grasshopper.

With the river dropping as quickly as it is, we suggest that you begin to prepare your rafts for the rest of the season. Floating above East Bank is pretty skinny, and most likely not possible if you are in a drift boat.

The snowpack is gone and we are going to have to rely on the rain storms to keep the river at a reasonable temp and level. We are already planning for the onset of the hoot owl rules to come into effect in the coming weeks. Call the shop if you have any questions about floating or fishing conditions.

PS: Bring your bug spray!!!


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