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It’s Back

Big Hole River 663 cfs—Maidenrock

After a few days of some tough top water action, at least  for me, it was back in form today. Even with the hot weather, and it was hot, like about 94 this afternoon. Usually hot afternoons like this makes for some very tough fishing conditions. Today  was different. The late afternoon got better and better. Big mayfly patterns again got the most action.  We got a 22 inch rainbow on one of those patterns. Biggest rainbow in my boat for quite some time.

Big brown trout were again in the skinny riffles and we tagged some nice ones in the 18 inch range.

Ten year old Graham on his first fly fishing experience boated almost ten fish. He was in Mike’s boat and he was amazing for a ten year old. Most in that age have a attention span of about 10 minutes. He stuck with it for most of the day . He did great even after doing a full somersault out of the boat into the river at lunch time—–accidentaly of course. He was a real trooper and shrugged it off after the initial shock was over.

Seal coating on the road from Divide to Wise River is done and no more waiting for pilot cars. This was a pain in the butt—but a necessary evil as without the chips it is super icy in the winter. OK , I want to know who was the guy who mooned the flag gal in that stretch? She said it was some guy pulling a blue boat and she wants his phone number.


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