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I Beat Hank

As you can see it was a great day out in the ocean with very light winds. Best part of the day was  that I beat Hank fishing with a score of 14 to 0. Of course there  was that  slight little matter of that he was not there. Doesn’t matter as he was invited  to the show and the challenge. I figure being a no show he just forfeits the crown—-works for me.

We have hooked onto several horse-eyed jacks at night right here in the harbor. As I say-hooked into, not landed. Out of 5 we landed one. These guys are unbelievable strong. Like  hooking into a freight train, but mon they are fun. Also tied into a shark but that didn’t last long. He was close to taking all the line and backing before it broke. That was fun too, hell it’s all fun. Some people who come  here and are interested in bonefish only really miss out  on all this fun.

Cloudy today so do what I do best on these type  days—hang out and basically do nothng.


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