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Hungry Brown Trout

It has been a cold couple of days in SW Montana, but we have been having a fun time, regardless. Craig, along with Matt and Travis, have been busy with our last big group of the season. The wind, rain, sleet and snow hasn’t wiped the smiles of their faces.

Yesterday, Craig was floating the Beaverhead, when he came across a large brown, upside down, on the surface of the water. He was sure it was dying, as it appeared to be struggling.  When he rowed up to it, he discovered it had another brown (about 11″ – 12″) in its mouth, and appeared to be trying to swallow it whole. The fish being eaten was in the bigger trout’s mouth, tail first, and was trying to swim out of the mouth of the other fish. Before Craig was able to snap a picture the feeding fish flipped right side up, and headed towards the bottom of the river, with its lunch in tow. Who knows how that battle ended up. Maybe time to try some bigger streamers?

Here are some photos from the last few days, with the beautiful fall colors.




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