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Huge gray snapper

Well it’s started again. That is the competition between Hank and I. The wind has been blowing like crazy the last  couple days. I finally got my boat sea worthy and I talked Hank in joining me for a little outing. That was a mistake.

Wouldn’t you know he hooks up with this big gray snapper. All I heard from that point was what was I going to have to eat for dinner. He says I’m having this fresh snapper. So I replied, just how are you going to get back to the dock there wise ass? My boat, my idea, my location to fish. He finally conceded I was having fresh fish also when I threatened to kick his ass off the boat and leave him stranded on this little island miles from the dock.

No pictures due to my camera seems to have disappeared.

So the fight starts and this is only the first round.


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