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Hooked Up

This super yummy has been catching lots of big fish lately and it looks like it got another one. He actually did it to himself. It looks bad but Mike knew the leader technique and it popped out easily. Everybody should know that technique. You get a piece of heavy tippet, at least 10 lb. or a piece of fly line. Wrap it around the bend of the hood where it has penetrated the skin. Get a good grip on the end of the line. Hold down on the eye and give it a good yank. It comes out exactly as it went in. Over the years I have extracted dozens of hooks. Doctors and lawyers are the most fun to pop out a hook for obvious reasons.

The big bugs are close. There are a few husks on the bridge abutment at Glen and Brown’s. As warm as it got today I’m sure there will be more crawling out tonight. How quick they move upriver is anyone’s guess.

I just got in that new Scott Radian rod. After casting it I see why it got such rave revues.

The river is at 4400 cfs at Maidenrock and dropping.

In the next week there will be lots of boats on the river. Just remember to be careful and only experienced oarsmen should be on the sticks with this flow.


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