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Help Me

Help me is what this little whitetail button buck seemed to be saying to me this morning.

I got a call early this morning from a neighbor who said there was a deer caught in the fence behind the fly shop. I called Bobby at the shop and he confirmed it and said he was pretty sure it’s back leg was fractured. I called FWP game warden Regan Dean and asked if he would meet me at the shop to see if we could cut this poor little guy out of the fence. Fence pliers and side cutters couldn’t do the job on this heavy guage wire. Luckily Regan had a hack saw in his truck and we managed to cut him loose. Amazingly his back leg was not broke and when he was cut free he hightailed it for the thick willows up Divide Creek. Regan and I both felt pretty good about ourselves in freeing this little guy.

Now for the fishing report. About all I can say is the river is in great shape and the fishing is really good. Best action is with streamers with #4 JJ Special winning the honors today.  Ben and Dylan had good action again today and have more pics to be posted later.

Forecast is for really  cold tonight but perfect fishing conditions next few days.


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