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Heating back up

As per usual, we had a classic June snow storm earlier this week. Some parts of SW Montana received a foot of snow, knocking down trees and power lines. We thankfully missed the heaviest part of the storm. However, it did not stop the river temperatures from plummeting down to “too cold for salmon flies to hatch.” But, the good news is, we are heating back up!

Today we expect to see air temps get back to the mid to high sixties, with mild overnight lows around 50. Water temperatures are increasing during todays sun, and currently we are seeing the Melrose gauge reading 52 and climbing. Salmonflies will start to hatch at about 56 degrees, so there is a chance we could have hatches beginning as early as Thursday or Friday.

The river flows are also dropping, despite the sprinkling of snow at the middle elevations. With any luck, we will see a slow drop followed by leveling river through the weekend! All of these factors should make for some terrific fishing conditions.

In anticipation of an extremely busy weekend, we want to keep business convenient for all and keep everyone healthy and happy. – Shuttle sheets available in the outside mail box for early put ins..slide them through the door with payment. – Guides & outfitters with accounts can also fill out sheets outside and drop them near cash register for quick in and out. – Hand sanitizer is available by the door and cash register. – Please respect the personal space of other customers, and be aware that some may be waiting outside until you leave.

A few words for the wise: 1. The diversion dam is at its most dangerous level right now, please use caution if you plan on floating below Silver Bridge. 2. The river is flowing very fast. Be extremely careful if your wading. If you’re floating, expect to move through quicker than usual (some people are going 10-12 miles in three hours or less). 3. The FAS sites will be packed up this weekend, please be considerate of others using the parking lots (i.e. don’t park like a jackass). 4. Lastly, enjoy it! We’ve all been cooped up, and are eager to crush trout on giant bugs!


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