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Happy New Year!

Maiden Rock FAS

2017 is here, and we are excited for all that is in store for this year! We hope everybody had a wonderful Holiday Season.

It is currently 0 degrees in Divide, with a “Feels like” of -10. The firewood pile is certainly being consumed faster than usual. Everybody is staying warm inside; we have been finalizing details for Andros Island next month (still 2 spots left if you want to escape the cold!!), and thinking of trout.

Al has been on Andros for about a month now. It sounds like the fishing has been great! We have received reports of good Bones being caught, and as-good-as usual off shore fishing. Art has been helping us get ready with his fly-tying skills…lots of beautiful flies for bonefish and barracuda.

Stay warm, enjoy the Cold Smoke if your lucky!


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