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Happy Easter

Hope everyone has a great easter sunday! Sorry i havent posted any reports the last few days, but ill make up for it with this report! So some buddies and I have been fishing the lower river consistently for the last 4 days. Fishing has been pretty darn good, it doesnt seem to really matter what you throw at them, dries, nymphs or streamers! I would have to say that on some of these bright and sunny days we have been having over here the best option is to either fish a big dry and a dropper or just go ahead and nymph. The streamer fishing has been inconsistent in the sunshine. Today me and the crew are heading up to east bank and running down to dewey. Just to see if we can wrangle in one of the big boys. Ill get on tonight and let everyone know how today treats us. Not to get all cheesey and sentimental but everytime i am able to float down this amazing river, i realize how lucky we all are to have something so special. Happy Easter.


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