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Great Flows

At 3560 cfs the river is well above a thousand  cfs of average flow. This is a good thing. It means the flows for the rest of the season, especially August will be excellent unlike last year.

On Thursday it poured rain and I literally had to pump the water out of my drift boat or it would have sunk. After the rain the streamer action was superb. It also helped that I had a couple guys who could really get the flies in the pockets and under willow. Sixteen year old Colton is about as good at casting streamers as I have ever had in the boat. Friday morning the streamer action was just ok but the afternoon was hot with top water action. Mayfly and caddis patterns produced lots of fish. Saturday the action was slow, slow.

With the warmer temps this week we will see more mayflies including green drakes.

Art who works here at the shop is making shore lunches for anyone interested. He makes a hearty lunch for ten bucks. Call the shop to order. 406-267-3346.


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