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Big Hole River 354 cfs–Maidenrock

Just a quick update on the Grayling. This season we caught several and a couple that reached 15 inches. That’s a big Grayling in this river. Also most  of ones we caugtht were in very good condition. With all the  high water early this summer we were doing many more trips on the  upper river. So that is one reason we were catching more. However a good place to catch Grayling is just above the  pump station dam right here  above the house. For years we have been catching them there. A few years ago Pat Munday  snorkeled that spot just to see them and they did find them.

I would like to know how far down stream a Grayling was caught this year. If any of you have caught one below Divide, I would like to know about it and where. Last year one  was reported caught all the way down by Glen.


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