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About the Grayling situation. First of all the little buggers are great with eggs for breakfast in the morning. Kidding, kidding of course.

The Feds recently elected not to put the grayling on the endangered species list. I for one kinda agree with them. Number one, keep the Feds out of it. I really don’t agree with the total number count-too low I believe. In the past couple years we have caught several of them. Just last week we caught two in the Jerry Creek area. Also many of the upper creeks such as La Marche, Fishtrap, Deep Creek just to name a few have a good population of these tasty little fellas.

The Big Hole is in super condition with a level flow at Maidenrock of 780 cfs. The cloudy, rainy conditions past few days made for some good streamer action. Warming temps will again bring out mayfly action.


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