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Fishing Report: May 4th – 8th

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The fishing has definitely become more diverse over the last week.  As expected, Al and I have visual confirmation of the Caddis coming up the river.  The Caddis are already above Maiden Rock but have been stalled by the recent cold snap that arrived two days ago.  Those of our readers who are waiting for the fish to be on caddis will have to wait a little longer, but not much.  Warmer weather is headed our way later in the weekend and the Caddis will be continuing their march up the Big Hole.

Al and I hit the river on Monday with one of our die hard followers Bob McConkey and his friends Dan Nagy, Mark Few, and Greg Heister of Spokane, Wa.  We were all hoping to see fish rising on top but the day was bright and sunny with rising water.  The bugs came out in force, including a few blue wings, clouds of march browns, and just a few grey drakes.  The fish we caught on dry flies tended to be in the side channels off of the main stem, however we did catch a handful of good fish on copper johns, silver streamers, pats rubber legs, and red san juan worms in the main river.  All in all, the day was a great day.  Good weather, good company, and incredible guides.

On Wednesday, May 6th, I was able to get John Fetter and my wife, Lia Jones, on the water.  The weather had taken a turn for the worse as the storms blew in, dropping the temperature drastically.  We ended up not fishing dries at all because of the windy conditions and the lack of bugs in the air.  I did notice a few fish rising on grey drakes, but nothing that peaked my interest.  Lia and John fished streamers all day and were able to stroke a few nice Brooke trout, Rainbows, and Browns on the tan/white miller time, and silver sparkle minnows.

It is blowing, raining, and snowing all at the same time in Divide today and there are very few boats on the river.  When this weather breaks the fish ought to be looking up to the clouds of caddis.  Great Divide Outfitters is having a Mothers Day Caddis Special.  For the rest of May, GDO will be offering 10% off of all guided fishing trips.  Give us a call or drop by and don’t forget to check out our new shirts, hats, and hoodies!

Tight Lines,

Craig Jones


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