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Fishing Report for June 14, 2015

I have been out on the water for the past week.  The fishing has been good when you can find a place to fish around the boats.  The report from the lower river (Dead Zone down stream) is that the fish are eating nymphs.  The boats that have reported good days down there have been fishing turds, worms, and prince nymphs under an indicator, with some fish looking at caddis in the afternoon. The mid-river stretches (East Bank to Maiden Rock) have been hit and miss.  Most of the folks that are chasing the big bugs have been sticking to the main hatch area between Jerry Creek and Divide.  When I fished, there was barely enough room to put your boat without having 3 other boats in sight.  Most of the fisherman are pounding the banks, but good fish seem to be coming out of the middle.  I had good luck fishing mid river seems, rocks, and islands, more so than fishing the banks.  The fish have been turning on to golden stones around 3pm with good caddis fishing just before dark.  The upper river (Squaw Creek to East Bank) has been my favorite these last few days.  The wind has made it quite a workout for the rower and the fisherman, but the fish have been cooperating better here than the rest of the river.  Though there are not many big bugs, the goldens have been getting good fish up.  I have been using hair wings rather than foam, which has proven to be better in the upper reaches.  When the wind was blowing we had good luck with ants on the grassy banks, catching mostly cuts and grayling.  There is a dead period from 1 pm to 330 pm that has been tough.  The fish seem to be down in the hottest part of the day.  After 330 I have been switching to a small

stimulator or black magic, with a caddis trailer and pulling out some excellent trout.  Al has been fishing the upper river as well with good luck.  Here is a picture of Gillian with a great fish, congrats Gillian!  Lia and John went out with Big Al yesterday as well, here are a few pics from yesterdays trip, a nice grayling and brown trout.



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