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First Snow

We got a few inches of the white stuff last night so I thought this would be a good time to grab my rifle and head to the hills. With this fresh snow if there were any elk in the area I would be able to track them. I was running a bit late so when I got to the area I like to hunt I quickly grabbed my rifle and beat feet to my favorite spot. There is this creek you have to cross and at a certain spot there is a log going all the way across. The log was covered with snow and ice but I thought I could gingerly step my way over. Well don’t you know about half way over I slipped and fell into the creek. No big deal I thought as I was only going to be gone for a couple hours. After hiking for some time I suddenly realized I had forgotten my knife and that’s not all, when I went to load my rifle I discovered I had also forget my ammo. So there I was, no ammo, no knife and soaked to my waist. For some reason I just kept going just to see what was over the next ridge and the next ridge and so on. Just as I was going to turn around and go back (as I was getting a bit chilled) a big cow moose ambled right in front of me. She stopped for a few seconds to size me up and then went on her way in no big hurry as if to say ” you don’t even have any bullets for that stupid gun your carrying”. Oh well, it was a nice day for a walk in the woods and a refreshing dip in the creek.


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