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Early this afternoon I was at the shop watching Art hard at work tying fly’s when I noticed quite a few rigs pulling up to the Blue Moon next door. Half hour later the parking lot in front of the Moon and the shop was entirely packed. I had to venture over to see what was going on and to my surprise it was an old time fiddlers jamboree. I didn’t even know this was planned. Of course I had to join in and it was a blast. There were fiddlers there from age 12 to 80 and they were all doing their thing and having fun. The new Blue Moon is a big building and it was packed with at least half the folks there packing either a fiddle or guitar. There were fiddlers there from Bozeman, Deer Lodge, Dillon, Anaconda and many other places. Each had his or her turn to perform and show their skills. Some were so so and others were great. Their was one gal there that had a great voice and could make that fiddle talk. In my sick mind all I could think of was that I wonder if she knows how to row a boat and that would make her a perfect woman. As she was packing her things up to leave, I jumped up and opened the door for her and introduced myself. She was unattached as I learned earlier. I told her how much I liked her music and I was trying to build up the courage to pop the big question, about rowing the boat I mean and guess what???

All in all it was a fun afternoon in wintery Divide, Montana.


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