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Big Hole River 383 cfs—Maidenrock    Water temp. at Melrose at 0930,  63 degrees.

I have been getting calls asking asking where they can fish now that the Big Hole is closed. Well here are the straight facts. Hoot Owl regulations (meaning closed to fishing from 2pm to midnight due to high water temps) are in effect from the headwaters down to Dickie Bridge. Dickie bridge is 10 miles upriver from Wise River. It is also in effect from Notch Bottom to the confluence with the Beaverhead near Twin Bridges. The rest of the river, about fifty miles of it from Dickie bridge down to Notch bottom is open with no restrictions.

Even with no  restrictions we have been starting very early in the morning and finishing by mid afternoon.

The best fishing is mid morning with some great trico action going on. This is dry fly fishings greatest challenge. A  little hint, when the trico action is happening just take some time and watch the slack water. At times you will see a gulp in this back water. This is what is really fun and takes a perfect presentation. These gulpers in that slack water are usually big fish and when hooked just blow up out of the water. Like I said though, your first presentation better be a good one cuz if you line them or slap the water, they are gone. No spruce moths yet but should be close.


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