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Deep Freeze

For the past week the temps here along the Big Hole River have been brutally cold. Lows have down to minus 30 degrees with wind chill to almost minus 50. Buddy that’s cold.

My Great Pryrnees, Hanna doesn’t seem to mind it at all. Matter of fact she prefers to sleep outside. If I let her in the house, after about five minutes she wants out again. I built her a dog house on the back porch and put a couple old saddle blankets in it and she loves it. As soon as it gets dark she is in it curled up and happy as a lamb.

As for me, next week I’m outta here on my way to Andros Island and none too soon.

Anyone thinking about going there and staying at Hank’s Place, you should contact him ASAP. He informed me his rooms are booking up fast. Feel free to contact me for any details and preferred guides


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