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Current re-openings & good fishing

Some sections of the Big Hole have re-opened with the arrival of some cooler weather, we will outline from top to bottom: – CLOSED Saginaw Bridge on Skinner Meadow Road to Dickie Bridge. – OPEN Dickie Bridge to BLM Maiden Rock – CLOSED BLM Maiden Rock to Brownes Bridge FAS (FWP Spawning Closure) – OPEN Brownes Bridge FAS to Tony Schoonen FAS (Notch Bottom)

The fishing on the sections of lower river that re-opened have been productive; If you are up for streamer fishing, the fish are pretty happy to chase in the mornings, usually slowing down around 1 PM, when the sun is high and bright. We had good luck the other day on the Rusty Trombone and also on a Black Wooly bugger. Fish were chasing it well in the fast riffles, with a good twitch, and found a few by letting the bugger get down into the deep holes. There are also still fish looking up for hoppers; try the Pink Trinas Carnage Hopper, or a Peach Plan B. A black bullet or olive BWO nymph dropper off of it is still working pretty well.

It sure is nice to have a little more river to fish, the boat and wading traffic has spread out, giving some relief to the sections of river that were the only option for over a month. As we move further into October, please remember to be mindful of spawning beds (Redds). Stop in or give the fly shop a call if you want to chat about how to identify Redds, and why it is important to avoid them!

Lastly, our final day for the 2022 season will be October 19, just in time for big game season in Montana!


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