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Crystal Ball

Of over thirty predictions for peak flow, most were not even close. Simmons was the closest with his prediction of 9200 on May 30th. The high was 8500 on the 28th I believe. At 5500 this morning, it would take one hell of a rain shower to get over 10,000.

The river is shaping up very well with the visibility about two feet. Not much for hatches yet so it’s mostly streamers and nymphs. However  yesterday we put on a #10 chubby just for the hell of it and caught two of  the biggest brown trout of the day. We also got the grand slam.

Getting lots of calls to check my crystal ball as to when the salmon flies will show up. I consulted it and allthough it would not give me an exact date it said the 15th would find them somewhere on the river.


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