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Cooler weather means lots of firewood

As the temperatures continue to drop in the evenings, we have been busying ourselves with stocking up on firewood for the coming winter. Firewood fetching is one of my favorite fall activities, and we have been lucky enough to have help from family and friends over the past couple of weeks. I imagine I will grow out of enjoying this particular activity after a while, but for now, I am happy to help. The addition of a borrowed wood-splitter also makes the task at hand much easier (Thanks Al!). Al also informed us that there is a big pile of already downed wood up river that is first come, first serve; we have trucked a lot out of there, and also cut down some other dead standing beetle kill trees. The wood shed is now stuffed full to capacity, and a pile is growing down in Dillon. A few more loads should keep us warm through the winter.

We will most likely be closing the shop at the end of the month, October 31. To celebrate, our crew will be heading to Missoula to see our good friend, Reid, perform in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. If you are in or near Missoula, get tickets, it is a performance not to be missed! Lastly, if you find yourself in need of a shuttle or flies in November, call ahead. We will be happy to help if we are around, but hunting season is fast approaching, and filling empty freezers is our next task-at-hand.



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