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Contrary to what other shops tell people: THE BIG HOLE IS OPEN!

Great Divide Outfitters has been unbelievably busy for the last 2 weeks.  The fishing has been hit and miss because of the lack of large hatches at the end of the month.  I personally have been fishing all over the state and having a great time doing it.  I fished buggers on the upper clark fork, big streamers and hoppers on the Blackfoot, PMD’s on the Ruby, and sparkle minnows on the Beaverhead.  Fishing has been good but you have to be willing to find it.  Our spruce moths on the Big Hole have been coming out of the trees for a few days now, slowly trickling out of the pines on the steep canyon walls.  The trico’s have been spotted above troutfitters and down near browns bridge, but no big clouds in Divide that I have seen yet.  The grasshoppers are doing well on the undeveloped side if the river, but are still thin on the ag side.  The evening caddis hatches has been thick, but for some reason the larger fish do not seem terribly interested in them.  The big boys seem to be keying on larger dries like a #14 chubby or #12 royal stimulator.  As for the morning fishing, I have not had very good mornings until 10 a.m.

I have been getting lots of calls and questions about the condition of the Big Hole and wether or not it is shut down or hoot owled to fishing.  Please do your own research or call us directly.  It would appear  that shops on the Madison and in Missoula have been telling the fisherman not to come to the big hole.  Well, it turns out fisherman are liars, don’t trust shops that are not in the area you want to fish, they will be greedy and self serving, surprise, surprise.

We have been having some amazing weather and fishing over the past 10 days.  Here are a few picks from our recent outings.


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