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Closed Signs

Read the fine print

This is a pic of one of the signs posted at Dewey (George Grant) and Greenwood Flat. For the past week floaters have been avoiding this stretch because of these signs. If you read the fine print on the white piece of paper on top you will see it was only closed Sept. 9th and 10th. I contacted FWP and asked them to either remove or cover these signs to  avoid confusion. The Silver Bridge has been removed and now is on the north  shore being overhauled. I don’t see any more closures in the immediate future.

The weather today is supurb with warm temps, no wind  and slight  cloud  cover. What more could you ask for perfect fishing conditions.

Tricos are still showing up late morning. Ant patterns worked fairly well yesterday afternoon. If your after big fish, chuck some streamers in the morning. Forecast for tomorrow  is mostly cloudy so they will work all day.

The flow is still about 100 cfs above average with 350 at Maidenrock and 400 at Melrose.


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