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Big Hole Suckers

Friday was sunny and 60..Saturday was rainy and cold. Spring time in the Big Hole Valley. We wanted to get out, regardless, and check out the upper river. John Fetter came to visit for the weekend, so we said, “screw the weather.”. Well, we didn’t get skunked. Turns out suckers eat worms too!

The river has had some big jumps in the last four days, and the clarity isn’t great; a lot like coffee actually. Bright buggers and streamers will be the best patterns to try..Kreelex, Double bead yellow crawlers, pumpkin buggers and cream mini-dungeons have been in our rotation. We saw a few skwalla shucks on Friday, so don’t be afraid to put a big prince nymph or TJ Hooker underneath an indicator, probably with a pink worm.

All of the ramps along the Big Hole are in good condition for launching boats, except for East Bank and Dickie Bridge. If you plan on putting in at either FAS, be ready to drag your boat over some ice.

The forecast for the week looks pretty warm, so we expect the river to keep rising. Happy Earth Day, plant a tree!


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