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Beaverhead R&D

Big Hole 597 cfs—-Melrose Beaverhead 400 cfs—give or take

The convict and I did an R&D trip on the Beav today and what fun it was. No we did not do the nypmh thing but just the opposite with small dry flies on top. Pretty amazing to be fishing small dries in November but with the warm weather it was happening. We hooked several big fish but boated very few. With using 5x tippet with these small flies it was tough. And we had to use that light tippet as they were pretty persnippity (new word). So when you hook a 24 inch fish on this tackle it’s pretty tough to land them especially on the Beav. But the most fun was in hooking them as we did several and most of them ate our lunch. This was the kind of fishing my friend Wally would love. Also with fishing the Beav. or Big Hole now you pretty much have the whole river to yourself.

Justin got a couple pics of some big fish they got on the Beav. and they should be on the site soon.


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